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La Vie en Rose (2007)

La Vie en Rose (2007) - Music Movies 140 minutes. The Passionate Life of Edith Piaf, La mome, Piaf: Um Hino ao Amor, 라비앙 로즈, Piaf Um Hino Ao Amor, Едит Пиаф, Život U Ružičastom, Berättelsen Om Edith Piaf, Zoi san triantafyllo, Edith Piaf: Ai No Sanka, Dzīve Rožainā Gaismā, Edith Piaf: Rozinis Gyvenimas, Niczego nie żałuję: Edith Piaf, Живот у ружичастом, Zivljenje V Roznatem, La Vie En Rose: Berättelsen Om Edith Piaf, Kaldırım Sercesi, La Môme - La Vie En Rose, La Vie en Rose. From the mean streets of the Belleville district of Paris to the dazzling limelight of New York's most famous concert halls, Edith Piaf's life was a constant battle to sing and survive, to live and love. Raised in her grandmother's brothel, Piaf was discovered in 1935 by nightclub owner Louis Leplee, who persuaded her to sing despite her extreme nervousness. Piaf became one of France's immortal icons, her voice one of the indelible signatures of the 20th century. , , , ,

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